Dead Periods & Downtime

Milan High School Preseason Downtime & Dead Period

During the preseason down time certain things are allowed:
-Contact by a coach within the four player rule (voluntary, individual skill development – but no rotations to weight lifting
or conditioning)
-Non-mandatory weight training and non-sport specific conditioning but no rotations with four player skill groups.

Certain things are not allowed during the preseason down time:
-No open gyms or practices or rotations, whether the coach is present or not and no sport specific camps or clinics
which involve that upcoming sport are permitted at the school or sponsored or conducted elsewhere by the school,
regardless of that school’s sponsorship of the sport. (Open gyms may never include organized drills, practice structure
or instruction by any person including team captains or parents.)
-Competition (intra-squad or inter-squad) between groups that resemble school teams may not occur.

Fall Sports Downtime: Aug. 1 – First day of Tryouts

Winter Sports Downtime: 14 calendar days before first date of practice/tryouts.

Spring Sports Downtime: March 1 until first allowable practice.

Summer Dead Period 2021: July 4- July 11