Multiple Teams · Huron League Basketball Guidelines for Teams and Spectators

Important information for spectators: 

  1. Each spectator must be on the spectator list to enter a game. If you are not on the spectator list, you will not be allowed to enter. Student-athletes were sent information on how to add someone to the list on their behalf. There will be no general admission to the public this season.
  2. Milan spectators are to sit directly across from the Milan bench regardless if we are home or away.
  3. Spectators MUST leave the gym following the game they attended. If you are on the list to attend the JV Boys basketball game, you will be required to leave at the conclusion of the JV basketball game, and the varsity spectators will then be let in. If you are on the list for multiple games, please check back in at the admission table, you will not be charged twice.
  4. There is no food or drink allowed in a gym at any time this season. If you have something to eat, please be respectful to the host school and eat outside or in your car.
  5. Concessions will not be available this season.
  6. Spectators are REQUIRED to wear a mask and stay socially distant from attendees they did not come to the game with. Spectators will be asked to leave the game if this guideline is not followed. The Huron League member schools, MHSAA, and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services have no exceptions. 
  7. Huron League schools can charge admission to winter sporting events as outlined in the bylaws of the league. Exact change is expected at the door. Huron League schools can also opt not to charge admission to attendees if they so choose. All Milan high school basketball games will be $5. 

Important information for teams:

  1. Teams will be allowed to enter the gym at any time. Teams can stay to watch other levels of their school play.
  2. Teams shall come dressed and ready to play. Locker rooms will not be available prior to the game for changing, however schools may offer teams the chance to put their personal belongings in locker rooms if the host school will allow it. Locker rooms can be available at halftime if the host school will allow opposing teams to use them. If locker rooms are not allowed, the host school shall not have a locker room prior to the game, or at halftime. 
  3. Players should edit their spectator list the day before the game.
  4. All student-athletes, coaches, officials, and fans must wear a mask at all times. Officials and administration will be enforcing this rule. If the rule is not followed the player will be asked to leave the game.


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