Multiple Teams · Huron League Fall Sports Spectator Guidelines

The following information will be strictly enforced at each of the Huron League schools. The Huron League will abide by all MHSAA and State of Michigan regulations. If spectators do not follow the guidelines in place, there will be consequences. Milan Athletics wants to be as safe as possible! The kids want to play, thank you for your cooperation!

  • Each student-athlete for the sports of Football, Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Girls Swimming, and Sideline Cheer will be allowed TWO spectators to attend games, home or away in the Huron League. This includes middle school sports. Coaches and student-athletes will communicate on who will be spectating at games. Spectators will need to present identification at the designated gate for their school. Admission prices will be determined by each school. Spectators are encouraged to bring exact change to the gate. 
  • Paper tickets will not be handed out. 
  • Once spectators have entered the facility, they will not be able to leave and re-enter. The gates will be closed for the entirety of the game to the outside public. If a spectator must leave the game early they will be allowed to do so with no refund, and no re-entry. 
  • Spectators are REQUIRED to wear a mask and stay socially distant from attendees they did not come to the game with at all times. Spectators will be asked to leave the game if this guideline is not followed. If an attendee has a medical condition stating they do not have to wear a mask, they will need to present that at the gate when arriving and keep documentation with them during the game. 
  • Athletic Directors are responsible for sending the list of attendees to host schools 24 hours prior to the start time of the first contest. Changes to that list will NOT be allowed. Athletic Directors should include school administrators on the attendee list. 
  • The gates at Football, Volleyball, Boys Soccer, and Girls Swimming games will not open until 30 minutes before the game is slated to begin. Spectators are to wait in their cars until 30 minutes before game time. Congregating at the gate will not be allowed. 


You will only be allowed to enter the event if you are on the list given to the host school. Please bring exact change.

Varsity Football: $5

JV Football: $4

Middle School Football: $2

Varsity/JV Soccer: $5

Freshman Volleyball: $3

  • Note: Freshman players and spectators will not be allowed to stay for JV and Varsity games. The gym will be cleared at the conclusion of freshman contests.

JV/Varsity Volleyball: $5

Middle School Volleyball: $2

Girls Swim: $5

  • Concessions will NOT be permitted for the 2020-21 season per MHSAA and State of Michigan recommendations. 
  • Spectators will be allowed to bring sealed manufactured water bottles, sodas, and sports drinks into games. Jugs, thermos, or other related beverage containers will not be allowed for spectators.
  • Coolers of any size are prohibited. 
  • ALL food items are prohibited at games.






We will have more information on how others can watch the game without being in attendance. Thank you for your patience.